Dr. Alex Emerson Explains The Science of TRF

Tendon and ligament injury is the result of micro events at the cellular level which conspire to create eventual acute debilitating conditions. Tenomatrix in TRF contains ingredients that support hydration of soft tissue and may reduce the deleterious effect of inflammation, while making the tendon and ligament stronger.


TRF contains a proprietary blend of a synthetic molecule which mimics an endogenous chemokine used throughout the body to maintain cellular health and modify inflammation, and an organic molecule which has been scientifically shown to increase cross linking of collagen which stabilizes the collagen matrix.


Fed daily, TRF can support the body's natural response to the small regular doses of tendon damage, and reduce the likelihood that they will accumulate to become a full blown injury.

Targeted Support: 1 pump per 250 lbs. Feed AM and PM or as directed by your veterinarian. (For a 1000 lb horse, 1 feeding = 4 pumps.) Feed until horse returns to normal work. Reduce to maintenance level for continued support.


Maintenance Level: 1 pump per 250 lbs. Feed 1 to 2 times per day depending upon level of work and condition. Feed AM or PM with morning and/or evening feed. (For a 1000 lb horse, 1 feeding = 4 pumps.) Continue administration for maintenance.


Active Ingredients: Tenomatrix (a proprietary blend of hemokinetic polysaccharide and bioactive flavinoid) 480 mg/oz (64 mg/4cc pump)


Inactive Ingredients: purified water, sodium chloride, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

TRF Tendon Repair Formula

  • Rehabilitation: Mediating the horse's natural repair process during rehabilitation

  • Maintenance: Management of horses with recurring chronic injuries while in work

  • Prevention: Supporting the natural ongoing soft tissue repair process for sound horses in rigorous work

*Veterinarians please contact us directly.